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Soul-Shifts-Hi-Res    There are pivotal moments in the lives of all seekers when we realize that we’ve been traveling on our path of growth toward happiness and fulfillment, but, simply put, we want to go faster. How we have been living, working, and loving just isn’t enough or even acceptable any- more. We know we’re being called to something more significant and expanded—we can feel it.

    At these times what’s needed is not simply more change or an adjustment in our outer life, but profound transformation, not simply an adjustment in our outer life, but a repositioning from the inside out. We don’t just want to rearrange the pieces of ourselves so that they look better temporarily. We want nothing less than rebirth. We are ready for Soul Shifts.

    SOUL SHIFTS is the groundbreaking new book from #1 New York Times best-selling author and renowned transformational teacher Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., one of the most influential teachers of our time in the field of personal and spiritual development, who for the past 35 years has reached tens of millions of people throughout the world with her inspirational messages about how to create and live a life of true freedom, mastery and enlightenment.

    Now, in SOUL SHIFTS – her most powerful offering yet and the culmination of her life’s work— Dr. De Angelis offers a practical handbook for awakening, and a brilliant re-visioning of the journey of personal and spiritual transformation that will inspire and enlighten longtime seekers as well as new arrivals to the path of growth.

mostofus    What are Soul Shifts? They are radical, vibrational internal shifts that spontaneously and inevitably transform the way you relate to yourself, to others, and to the world. For transformation to be real and lasting, it must originate from the inside out, so that instead of trying to constantly micro-manage everything, you operate from true mastery at the deepest level of who you are— the Soul level.

    When you learn how to make these “Soul Shifts” on the inside, everything on the outside of your life shifts. Places where you’ve felt stuck or confused become illuminated with new clarity and understanding. Obstacles turn into possibilities, dead ends transform into doorways, and challenges convert into astonishing maps leading you to exciting new territories . . . all because you have made a Soul Shift.

   SOUL SHIFTS introduces the new understanding and paradigm of Vibrational Mastery–how to shift your actual energetic vibration, verses trying to manage your thoughts, control your emotions or adjust your behavior. Rather than only working on ‘positive thinking’, you learn to live from the very tangible and powerful experience of ‘positive vibrating’: Dr. De Angelis help you discover what blocks and choices are creating dissonance and lack of coherence in your vibration and “shorting out” your spiritual and emotional circuitry, and you learn how to transmute contractive energies into expansive energies, and live with genuine “vibrational integrity and vibrational credibility.”

BDwakingup    Now more than ever, our personal Soul Shifts are needed as we try to navigate through these turbulent times of uncertainty on our planet that have created increased levels of stress and anxiety for us all. Dr. De Angelis explains that the result of these challenges in our outer world is that many of us find ourselves at emotional and spiritual crossroads. We feel a need to somehow make sense of everything, to take control of our own lives however we can, to find peace and inspiration wherever we can.

    SOUL SHIFTS offers illuminating guidance and invaluable techniques for living a life of practical spirituality and making your own personal soul shifts. We often believe we need to wait for the passage of time or the impact of significant outside circumstances in order for something remarkable or magical to occur, but this is not true. You can accelerate this process of meaningful transformation, learn how to invite it, to open to it, and to masterfully navigate through it to create a new way of living, loving and serving our world that will go beyond anything you ever imagined or hoped was possible.

   A masterful and moving teacher, Dr. De Angelis will offer you illuminating guidance and invaluable techniques for living a life of practical spirituality and making your own personal Soul Shifts.

    Written with Barbara De Angelis’s trademark eloquence, keen insight, and compassionate wisdom, SOUL SHIFTS takes you on nothing less than a sacred inner journey to emotional and spiritual rebirth and lasting attainment. Reading it will leave you truly and authentically uplifted and transformed.




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